We kept on following the coastline of Lofoten. Still trying to find different spots, but also other nice occasions, which were crossing our way.
As we have Mario Roadwald (THE CAT) – 3 times European Kite Surf Champion – since our stop in Bodo on board, we were looking for a great scenery to get him and what he is capable of into the right place.

We found a perfect place and started with all of the preparation. Pro kite surfing in this conditions is similar to a stunt. So apart from the „usual“ preparation we also had to take care about safety. Everything can happen. Cramps through the cold, a crash on the water or even worse on to some underwater rocks. Or simply the kite can crash into the water through changing wind directions and the current is taking him outside and many more difficult situations. An inflatable SUP was waiting at the side and one of us always prepared wearing a wet suite to give him support if needed.

For once also the weather was friendly and we managed to get some good shots. Mario was really pleased with the results. We too. Apart from all of us getting really cold, we had a perfect day.

This trip is not only about surfing, but also about the people we meet on our journey. We passed a tiny harbor with a few fisher boats and decided to stop, maybe getting some fresh fish for dinner.
But it was quite late and we knew from a lokal, that the fishermen are usually not allowed to sell any, as the government wants to keep up the supply chain form fishermen to dealers to shops (with 3x the money of course).

But we met Losse. A 47 years old fisher from Fredvang. A funny guy who was immediately helping us out. He sold us a whole cott fish for a bargain and also explained some simple recipes. He told us, that he is fishing since he was a small guy and he would never eat anything else apart from fish. Every day! He and his cutter are day by day getting out there trying to earn a living round about 20km away from the coast line in the open Arctic Sea. We had a lot of respect. But the fishing grounds are getting more and more empty. The demand of fish around he world is huge and the fishermen are under pressure. No time for nature to recover. We all should maybe reconsider about our consumption

But for this time: THX Losse for a tasty dinner! You made our day!