It was an incredible journey. 6500km of icy roads. Traveling four countries. Over 35 hours of traveling with ferries. About three to four hours of daylight and the rest in total darkness. Not countable snowstorms, blizzards, avalanches, flooded tunnels and other obstacles. Hugh and scary waves, unpredictable storm winds. Minus 25 degrees outside, water temperature not more then +2, probably less most of the time.

Nearly a month of constant alert and no more sleep then a couple of hours. And probably the most scariest thing for anybody else: Only one shower within the whole time!

But we are back since a few of days now. Trying to understand what we did and we slowly realize, that this trip was so much more and different, then we expected.

Right now it feels hard going back to normal. Standing in a cue at a German supermarket. Still feeling totally displaced. Seeing all people in a rush. An overflow of things to buy and us in the middle of it. Like a slow motion film which is passing by only identifying our environment as a blurry scenery. Until the lady at the counter gets us out of our wavy actual existence shouting at us, if we would like to pay cash or with card. „Card please.“ And then switching back into our own realty. Full of impressions, but too empty and exhausted to get them sorted.

It is hard to describe. Our friend Benjamin, from raus! Magazin wrote a nice welcome email saying: „The body is back. But the soul is still up there.“ Yes… right. That’s how it feels.

We went to the limit, of what we as normal persons were capable of. Challenged ourselves every day through the cold and the unreal conditions and it paid off so much more, then we were dreaming of.
We met stunning people who crossed our way living up there and we keep on thinking about them every day being jealous about their simple life. But it’s not only about the simplicity. It’s probably about the intense of what nature demands for a life up there.

We had a 20 hours working day. Fully pumped with adrenaline and and situations, which came up so quickly, that we didn’t have the time to resume, because the next one was already lined up and waiting.

But it felt and still feels great. Life for that time was really intense and real. Much more, then in our bubble here and we learned, that we can escape out of the hamster wheel as long as we keep on looking for adventures. And actually really do them!

Through the journey we had the pressure to produce as much footage as possible and being confronted with the conditions we started doubting, if we will have enough good stuff as time passed by.
But now we see it slightly from a different angle. There could have been more opportunities, but sometimes you need to be happy and satisfied with what you have got.
Not only footage. But also lifetime memories. Or our families and friends back here. About all of your messages received through our journey. The ability to live our lives creatively and giving it some meaning through what we do and maybe inspiring one or the other to leave their comfort zone and starting something, they always wanted to do. Real life is just out there. We know for sure!

We are slowly getting acclimatized in our new/old world. Starting to work on the movie which will be launched probably mid of the year. And we have some other ideas we want to develop. So it’s still a lot of work to do, but we are happy scanning the material, graping a beer and getting lost in our memories.

We started to discover a surreal place of earth far up north, but at the end we discovered ourselves.

That wasn’t the last trip. That was just the beginning.

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