Adventure, surfing the circle, discovering new places, being on a road trip and having lock fires sounds like sort of fun. Yes, it is fun, but for us it’s also work time. For Mario, for our photonebook, which is going to be published, for our road movie, which will be shown at several film festivals, but also for our friends and partners like JECKYBENG, Waterkoog and Saltwatershop. These guys gave us some material and cloth for our trip and in return we promised to shoot some footage for them. Products, which are made to resist in harsh conditions being showed in action.

Products by JECKYBENG

Endless autumn by Waterkoog

We reached a place where we thought: Great. This is perfect for a kite session, but also a stunning scenery to get some products into the right place. And the weather was sort of cool.

A place with a nice lagoon split in two parts by a street. One side was close to the open sea. The other one seemed like a place for a freestyle session.
We started producing and got some good footage. As time went on the flood was coming and pressed the water from the open sea into the other part.

Within in minutes the lagoon was flooded and a place full of currents and struggles. So the kite surf session was canceled.

One more time being disappointed, that again Norwegian nature put us into a waiting position for the next day.
What do you do, when you get board? We started reading yellow press finding out, it is fashion week in Berlin right now.

Shit. We missed it. Reconsidering, if we could still make it, when we would take a flight to Oslo and then back to Berlin.
So this really important event full of interesting and inspiring people from all over the world was just happening without us.
In the middle of our sadness we decided, that we have to contribute in some sort of way up here. So that at least we feel a bit more like being home. Letting everybody know, that fashion is also taking place at the Arctic Circle.

When we left around 20 days ago some friends, but also family were saying goodbye like: Have fun and a nice holiday…
Well, this trip is far away from a holiday. We might need one, when we are back again.
It’s work and a job. But a really good one. You see Mum?

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