We are back at the camper van. But the hike was a nightmare.
We had a longboard session before at a nearby beach. As early as possible to catch some light. After that we decided to drive to a close parking place and left the car there. Packed our stuff for the hike to the shed and off we went to the deserted bay.

It was pain up the a**. The trail started steep and got even steeper. Every stepp was painful with all of the gear we had to carry with us. We also planned to stay there over night, so apart from the camera equipment we had sleeping bags, food, something to drink and some other essentials to carry. The scenery was powerful. We climbed up to a mountain pass in between two really big mountains following a little stream of melting water. The idea: Water just follows the easiest way. So thats our track. We were willing to find that remote place and carried on.

We reached the top thinking: OK, the next bit will be easier because, it’s down the hill. But that was a big fail. It was even steeper then the way up so we had to be even more careful and time was running until the dark was coming again. Slowly we started the decent. Trying not to make a step into the wrong direction. Through our way downwards we already noticed all of the debris around us. As the climate change also doesn’t stop here at Lofoten we assumed, that lots of debris avalanches must have come down this way. Stepping on a lot of wanky stones trying to find some grip we, weren’t wrong with our thinking.

We made it more the half way down and saw the entire bay. A stunning place. Totally remote. Nothing apart from a beach and crashing waves at the shore. The view got worse and a snow storm came up. We decided to have a little rest a think about the best option now. We were supposed to have a hike for about 1 1/2 hours, but it took us already 3 to this point. Not sure what to expect at the bay. Would there be the shed where we could stay over night, or will there be nothing? We got all of our information from the internet. Not sure, how reliable they were.
And it went darker and darker.
We were confused about what to do. Should we go down and relying on the information, taking the risk that we won’t make it back having to stay the night at the beach by minus degrees without shelter, or should we turn round climbing back as long as we have a bit of spare light?
Tricky decision. And while discussing the plan we both switched our minds there and back.

More storm, more snow and a landslide maybe 100 meters away from us. There it was the final decision. That wasn’t and adventure outside the comfort zone anymore. That was just simply stupid. It should have had a lot more preparation for this trip. We had to go back. As quick as possible.

Easier said then done. We quickly grabbed our stuff and starting climbing up. But unfortunately in the wrong direction. It was totally dark by that time and our flashlights could only lighten the few meters around us. The reflecting snow made it hard to find some sort of a trail. We knew, we just need to find our tracks from the way downwards, but there weren’t any. With little breaks we kept on climbing up. Totally exhausted. And there was fear, weather we would make it. We were totally lost. It was slippery, and every step could be the wrong one. From time to time we sank into a rock crevice into the snow up to the hips. Not manageable without the help of each other. In our brains we already went through different options: Calling the mountain rescue? No chance because of no connection. Shall we try finding some shelter somewhere behind a big rock and waiting until the storm is over?
We are quite hardened. But this situation was different and we tried not to fell into panic while we were wandering around without a clue.

But we found some. Some footprints. So we were able to follow them finding the track we came up. And we did. Slowly and frozen we kept on going trying to keep up so that the fresh snow wasn’t blowing them away.
After another 2 hours we made it back to the camper van. We were too enthusiastic after what we achieved on our journey so far, that we didn’t see the risk. That was a lesson. A really big one. And we are trying to keep that in mind for the next time.
We are off further north again. Trying to find some other good surf and kite surf spots. And on our way, stuck in a snow storm again. We are done with mountains now, but we made an oath to come back one time finding out, if this shed exist and if were right.