Since we passt the circle on our way north we were up for the hunt of polar lights. The magical green spheres, which get visible, when a sun storm crosses the atmosphere. It’s a dream of many people once in life time seeing them.

We did. Not once, but a couple of times. Not totally perfect like they are shown in some rare pictures. If this would have been our aim, we should have spent the entire time only to get this one picture. Like most of the polar light photographers do.

We usually had snowy weather. So no chance to catch some. But because the weather was switching fast, we spend some nights outside whenever we thought the condition could fit, waiting for a lucky shot.

When we saw them, we had to be really quick. Rushed up a close by hill or through the woods to have a free angle for the shot.

Looking through the pictures right in this moment while we are editing this post, we can remember the first time seeing them with our own eyes and both of us got really emotional that we nearly started crying.

And yes, if you haven’ t made that experience yet, then you should definitely put that on your bucket list. It is amazing.