We are heading southwards now. Crossed the circle again and we are driving through lonely Lapland. What an amazing scenery. Roads just really straight, a bit up and down and just a relive after all of that we went through.

We are taking our time right now. The stress from the last days is passing by. Just being happy seeing our families again quite soon.

We are not aiming for speed. Just enjoying the landscape around us and the sun. It just happens, that it raises and we have to stop getting out and enjoy some warmness. It’s like a magic moment when you haven’t seen the sun for so many days.

Our travel gets quieter. We don’t need much words anymore in between us about how we are feeling. The adventure is slowly coming to an end and we still can’t believe we did it. We are sort of proud about ourselves and happy we did this journey. But we think we got infected by something wich is bigger then us. We discovered something in ourselves, which no words or pictures can ever describe. It’s the feeling being out there. Totally free, flashed from nature and feeling total happiness by seeing our surroundings. As more we are heading southwards and as more we pass bigger cities we know, that we will really feel displaced for a longer time, since we get used to the new situation.

Who the fuck is becoming American president? We don’t give a shit. It’s just us. Out here in white Lappland.

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