After our disaster in the mountains we followed the coastline to find some surf spots. The Problem: It’s unlike Portugal, Spain or France where surfspots are well known and described in lots of online articles and surf guides. How to get there, where to park or stay over night, restaurants and surfshops close by. Even more important the informations about what happens in the water. Like currents, tides rocky or sandy beach and so on.

Apart from one, there isn’t any known surf spot up the Arctic Circle.
So the main tool for the search in a total unknown and remote region: Google Maps. Following the coastline trying to find out, whether the pictures from the satellite look like what we know about a good spot. Accessibility is a big point, because we don’t want to walk back totally frozen from the water in our wetsuits and then having a 30 minute march, which can be a real issue. And as important as the accessibility, also the sea ground. Which is mainly the reason for waves. Next to the map we checked the weather forecasts, wind directions and trying to find out, if there is swell somewhere.

The trip is not only about surfing, but also kite surfing. That needs some similar requirements, but still different. So we were on the hunt for the ideal location scanning our mobiles.
That’s at least the theory. In reality, we had to do a lot of location scouting on side. And as always: in the dark early in the morning. So we drove quite a bit through the south of Lofoten.
When the outside conditions were good, there was an issue with the ocean. Either too much currents, or wind, which was changing directions. That might be related to the high mountains, where the wind gets passed through and changes unlike said in the forecast. But also the weather kept on playing a nasty game with us.

But the endless search got a happy end. We found a perfect place. Not for both sports, but spots pretty much close by and a perfect place to stay over night.
We had to hurry. Getting the equipment ready and slipping in our wetsuits, Only an hour more to go till darkness. Without snowstorm, maybe half an hour more. And no. We are not telling anyone where it is. You have to come up and find it yourself ­čśë