We drove through hole of Lappland in one row. More then 1300km to north of Malmö. Not that we were in a big hurry, but there were some appointments for publishing our photo book and meetings related to our upcoming movie about the journey lining up and we decided to do the last bit as quick as possible.

But we were also tired and exhausted. The constant adrenaline, which streamed through our vines just disappeared and it was a long drive and fight against falling asleep. We stopped from time to time to the some photos, but we both knew, that the exciting part of our journey was over.

It was strange. Every kilometer towards home felt wrong. Not that we weren’t happy to see our families again. We spoke to our children on the phone and they kept on saying how much they miss us and we couldn’t wait to cuddle them again, but we felt totally disrupted. The cities were bigger, dirtier and louder. We could smell the smog. People were unfriendly and somehow maniacally driven by hectic, which we threw away in the last 20 days. If we both wouldn’t have had responsibilities, we would have turned the van around driving up again.

To make it a bit more pleasant we stopped at a kite spot north of Malmö to have sort of a nice last session in the Northern Sea. We started early in the morning and had a good day. But our ferry from Trelleborg to Rostock was waiting. Another 6 hours on a boat and from there only 300 km to home.

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