We have been quiet for a while – life goes on and we’ve been working on some advertising projects to make some cash ­čśë

In the meantime we’ve compiled all the material we shot on our journey. 12.000 pictures and endless terabytes of movie material are ready to be worked on.

There are art exhibitions in collaboration with our friends JECKYBENG and Waterkoog, picture books, organically-made printed T-Shirts in the planning, and we have two movies in the line up. The first one is all about Mario Rodwald, the professional kite-surfer who joined our trip.

Most of us know the typical kite-surf stuff, with endless summers, blue waters, surf chicks and fast moving tricks. The portrait of Mario, shot at the Arctic Circle, will be different. We’ll be showing the real person. His thoughts about himself, the influence of his family and friends, the business he’s in and of course some of his stunts in the storm of the Northern Polar Sea. This is why we want to share a little snippet of what we are working on with you, we hope you’ll enjoy it. Stay tuned… the movie is coming soon!

The LANDLOCKED movie is the other big project we’re working on. It’s a movie about our road trip and we already had the chance to promote it last month at the last Cinemar Festival here in Berlin. It’s likely we’ll be part of their next tour, which is starting in July / August. The festival is taking place in 50 European countries, and we are proud to be part of it. There are other festivals and events that are interested in collaborating with us too.

So lots of stuff to do and we’re pushing on forward. Hope you are too!!

THX for following us and we’ll be back with an update soon!

Sepp & Rich

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